Mr. Fúchila

Founder / CEO / Creative Director

Fúchila Fresheners


Fúchila Fresheners




Creative Director


01/03/2015 – Present

Fúchila Fresheners is Chicano/Latinx pop culture inspired air fresheners and nostalgic collectibles company. 

Fúchila Fresheners was founded by Ruben Dario Villa (aka Mr. Fúchila) and Co-Founded by his wife, Veronica Villa in 2015 in San José, CA. They raised $3500 on Kickstarter and launched with the original six designs.

Read more about our scrappy history and journey of building a dope, international brand from scratch.

Our Mission

We seek to spread and represent the Chicano cultura with pride by providing a unique and accessible way to consume art on a daily basis. By pairing attractive designs with the power of scent, one of the strongest senses linked to memory, we aim to tap into the nostalgia of the iconic imagery and icons of our comunidad. We focus on well designed fresheners so consumers will hang the scented art pieces with orgullo long after the scent has faded and ultimately re-purpose them in their own art. We intend to make our consumers’ otherwise bland commute more enjoyable.

Our Pillars

CraftWe believe in the pursuit of one’s craft, whatever it may be, to the best of one’s ability. We believe that all work, white-collar, blue-collar, or otherwise is work worthy of dignity and respect.

Cultura — We believe in the power of cultura. We believe in the curative powers of connecting to our roots, our parents and ancestors alike, and curating our collective future for generations to come.

Comunidad — We believe in interdependence, connection, and belonging – not independence. The concept of “self-made” is a myth. We seek to lean on our familia, not to emancipate from it.


Art Direction

Photography — Alex Knowbody

Creative Director — Mr. Fúchila

Notable Collabs

Art — Theodore91

Creative Director — Mr. Fúchila

Three Ladies

Charra, Chola, and Chuca by Abraham Ortega

Con Rollos

Celia, Selena, and Frida by Tony Peralta

La Vecindad

Chilindrina, Chavo del Ocho, and Kiko by Mexicons

Saturday Morning

By Mexopolis aka Jorge É Gutierrez (Netflix's "Maya & The Three")


“Trin Trin Trin”

The only man I’ll ever chase

Dale! Dale! Dale!

No pierdas el tino.

Mi Morena

La Virgencita de Guadalupe