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Flamin' Hot Art Show


Flamin' Hot Art Show @ Gallery 1202





6/16-8/12 2023

Órale! Gallery 1202 presents Flamin’ Hot, an exhibition of work by Bay Area artists and Cheetos connoisseurs of the flaming hot varieties curated by Mr. Fúchila. 

Flamin’ Hot Cheetos are more than just red, crunchy, hot cheese flavored snacks, they're a pop culture icon, simultaneously nostalgic and current, a cultural revolution in and around your mouth. From paletero carts on the corner to Forever 21 stores worldwide, Hot Cheetos has seeped into our collective subconscious, and soon, onto the big screen. As Hollywood debuts the "Hot Cheetos Movie '' that tells the story about the Mexican janitor turned executive who invented the finger-staining nuggets, we'll be celebrating these iconic fiery chips, heartburn and all. 

The exhibition will be on view at Gallery 1202 from June 16th through August 12, 2023. Please pull up for an opening reception on June 16th from 5-9pm, with live music, refreshments, and all around artsy shenanigans. The closing reception will be held on August 12th from 1-4pm, with a special artist talk at 2pm.

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Featured Artists

Ruben Dario Villa • Melanie Reynisson • Berenice Hernandez-Baltazar Nacho Moya • Hortencia Martín • Armando D Franco • Orlando Salcedo Pete Dimas • Zoa lopez •  Joe Uglyeye • Priscilla Martinez • Rosanna Alvarez Lorena Cortez • TijuanaRick • Emilio Cortez • Theodore1991 • Alex Knowbody AugieWK • Alyssarhaye Graciano • Rayos Magos •  Princessa Xicana • Hey Ruca • Elrod • El Fernando Sez • Francisco Franco • Chris Jalufka

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